What Everybody Dislikes About Ekc Cng Activa and Why 

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We are assisted by a crew of experienced personnel who are enormously indulged in bringing forth a broad gamut of Scooty CNG Kit.


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Auto Fuel Solutions is wholesaling an enormous consignment of 2 Wheeler CNG Kit, CNG Cylinder Fittings, CNG Kit Parts and CNG Pressure Gauge. Immensely acclaimed in the industry owing to their preciseness, these are presented by us in standard and modified forms to our clients. To add, only optimum class material is utilized in their production. These presented by us in various provisions, these are inspected sternly to retain their optimum quality.

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How Does It Ride?

Now, the standard Honda Activa 3G makes around 8bhp of power and 8Nm of torque in its petrol-only avatar. Power output has taken a beating of 5 per cent and that is evident once you twist the throttle on the CNG version. There is a slight delay in response specifically on the CNG version, but the power delivery gets linear and seamless, once the scooter picks momentum. That said, cold starts do see the vehicle struggle for power in the CNG mode and it is best advised to run it on petrol for a few kilometres before switching to the alternate fuel. Being a carbureted motor, you won't have issues cranking the engine directly in the CNG mode.


Climbing flyovers or riding with a pillion is hardly an issue

While slow power delivery is a small compromise and can be lived with, the scooter's handling takes a hit as well. This is largely because of the additional 14-15 kg of the CNG kit with the weight concentrated at the front. This takes away the nimbleness of the vehicle and even though the additional kilos aren't felt once set in motion; it is in dense traffic where the light handling is missed.

Nevertheless, the marginal drop in power isn't intrusive when climbing flyovers or gradients. Having run completely on CNG in our test, the scooter managed to pull the rider and pillion with ease. We started the test with half a tank of CNG and managed to get a fuel efficiency of nearly 50 kmpl in our test cycle. On a full tank, MGL and Lovato claim a figure of around 110 kmpl.


The CNG kit returns a fuel efficiency of 110 kmpl on a full tank

How Much Does It Cost?

MGL and Lovato say that the CNG kit equipped scooters offer a running cost of ₹ 0.60 paise per km. This includes nearly ₹ 0.48 paise per km for the fuel and ₹ 0.12 paise for maintenance. However, when you compare it to the running costs of a standard scooter that runs at ₹ 1.2 paise per km; the difference is almost half between the two. As far as maintenance costs are concerned, the company says that the CNG equipped scooters need to follow the same service intervals as its petrol derivative.


A full refill of the CNG tanks will cost under ₹ 60 in Mumbai

Coming to after-sales support, retrofitting the kit on an all-new scooter directly impacts the OEM warranty on the vehicle. You do get a dealer warranty only on the CNG kit for a year and includes three services to check for any leakage or breaks. The kit will also be recalibrated, should the need be. The cylinders themselves have a lifespan of 20 years and need to be checked every three years for possible rusting or leakages.

All said, the Lovato CNG kit will set you back by ₹ 17,000 (including taxes and RTO registration in Mumbai), over and above the scooter's asking price. That does make the kit slightly more expensive than anticipated and one needs to factor in the return of investment, which begs us to question...


Petrol scooter or the CNG equipped one?

Should I Buy One?

The answer largely depends on which side of the fence you are on. MGL and Lovato ran pilot programs with certain corporate buyers and in all honesty, that remains the most profitable buyer for it. With delivery scooters that are prone to do exceptional numbers on the odometer, it makes business sense to install a CNG kit, which is sure to give you a profitable return on your investment.


On the other hand, if you are a private scooter owner and use the same for almost all your travelling needs, the CNG kit is a viable option. However, if your scooter usage is largely within city limits and particularly for short sprints, sticking to the petrol option just happens to be a more viable choice here.


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